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Uploaded 17 Ιούλιος 2017

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κοντά στην περιοχή Paralía Proastíou, West Greece (Greece)

Long ride from Patra to the dam and lake of Mornos.

Start from suburbs of Patra and to the other side by the Rio-Antirio bridge. Until Nafpaktos (17k) it's fairly flat and classic ride by the coast. Wind in the morning was pretty much non existent. From Nafpakto, following the local roads towards Ano Chora (fairly well signposted), passing the Mornos river for the first time and continueing through Kastraki and Efpalio villages. From Efpalio a more challenging climb with grade of 5-8% starts for next ~10k.
Just after the crossing to Teihio at 38th kilometer (route keeps straight to Ano Chora! dont turn :-P), a nice and fast descents starts towards the river (second time to cross Mornos) in Chani Reresi. After the bridge (47k), the main road towards Ano Chora keeps straight, while the route turns right in direction to Lidoriki and Mornos dam, a section by the river with mild grades climbing slowly to the lake (64k).
Next section is around the lake from the south side all the way to Pentapoli (84k), always following signs for Lidoriki. From Pentapoli is the last demanding climb of the route, not too long or steep, but fair enough in the sun and with already serious mileage in the legs. Once on top, the reward is an awesome 14k, -700m, descent to Eratini! Fun, fast, easy :-D
I took a longer break in Eratini, drinking a lot of fluids and re-stocking some solid foods (musli and energy bars mainly) in local mini market. Good news was that I already did 110k and 'only' 60 were left, also only tiny little climbs were left. Bad news was, I was back at sea level and the temps and humidity were sky-high! Also the road is not something to be excited about... it does have nice views, but it also has fair traffic and shitty asphalt :-/ So, with the wind being my friend, legs still ok and two punctured tubes, I did my way back in ~2:30', not bad at all.
Very nice loop! Mountain sections really awesome! Zero traffic, nice views, forest, lots of shadow and cool temps, very good roads. Next time I will try to loop around without going down to the coast...


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