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κοντά στην περιοχή Emmen, Drenthe (Nederland)

A bicycle trip arround some of the dolmens in Emmen. The start is in the center of the town of Emmen, in front of the Zoo - a place easy to find, and also simple enough to find back!

This track leads you directly to the dolmens, and I have made it in a way that's pleasant to cycle, to view and to experience as a whole. There are ofcourse many more dolmens in the area - but then it would get too much at once, and less logical to make a nice relaxing and enjoyable trip!

I also think certain areas are bound to eachother, the dolmens in Angelso are quite different from these, and the same with exloo etc. - besides that - 7 dolmens of various size, condition and type within a span of 18 kilometres is quite a big density!

I also added videos which I have attached to each dolmen waypoint - so you can explore the map from your chair, and still take a closer look!

My hope is that the international community will gather more interest in the dutch dolmens. Cultural awareness is a good thing to have, and to develop, so I encourage you to explore more!

I hope I added something nice, and people apreciate the effort!

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21-OKT-12 16:07:38
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Hunebed D35

Valthe zuidwest
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Hunebed D38

Boswachterij Emmen (Valtherbos
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Hunebed D39

Boswachterij Emmen (Valtherbos
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Hunebed D41

Emmen noord
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Hunebed D42

Emmer es
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Hunebed D43

Emmen schimmeres
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Hunebed D44

Emmen Westenesch


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