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κοντά στην περιοχή Rascafría, Madrid (España)

8.7 kilometers.... all climbing. All of it. Not one meter amnesty. All up, all hard. July, hot. Hot. What an epic climb. You gotta do these else what the f. At the top, rewards. Water, the best water one could ever drink just falling freely from every place... and you drink that from the rocks and from the fountains... and up there is just all soothing and tranquility. You ve done your 9kms up from Rascafria you get to ride over flowy flats at the top and then go crazy on a wide "pista" on your descent to the monastery El Paular. From there, just go with the flow back to Rascafria.
One thing for the climb.... there's cows. We love cows. Who doesn't love cows? They are real beauties the cows up there but guess what... where there's cows there's.... yep, flies. All over... they'll stick to you and they will get all aroused with your sun cream.... and they will not abandon you for one second during your 8,7 kilometers climb... not kidding, not second. If you ever thought of using repelent like Autan or similar on your helmet or sunglasses, rub it there and you might get a breather ... I had not of course and will not forget the 9 kms climb with those flies buzzing around my face !!! :)

Another warning... the track I was using to guide me I found here in Wikiloc... and it was a bad track. If pretty much took you to a COTO PRIVADO DE CAZA and expected you to just trespass... bad track and I ll get back to whomever posted it so they take out. Some respect please. Much better to use the pista from the top back to El Paular.

I leave the track with the error but when you are on it you will realise the right thing to do is to take the "pista"towards El Paular "9kms"when you are up there.


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