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κοντά στην περιοχή Ban Diso, Kanchanaburi (ประเทศไทย)

Not very long (22 miles, 40 km return) but demanding bicycle ride. Extremely rewarding however; probably one of the nicest day out I had in Kanchanaburi combining cyclying and sightseeing of the waterfall. The road to the waterfall is a stunning dirt road with absolutely nothing except forest (no house, no car, no shop, nobody). Steep hills throughout the way. 1h+ hiking to go to the waterfall.

I would recommend leaving early in the morning with food and cycle to the waterfall. Get to the top and have your lunch, swim a little and head back. Evergreen forest along the road provides shade throughout the day.

Also possible to go with car but it MUST be a 4wd. Don't try to go with a normal car you won't make it. Also possible with moto. During the dry season I guess a small yamaha will make it, during rain season only dirt bike will reach the destination. I would not recommend going with only one moto: no help available on the road. The road is easy to follow.

No camera this day, sorry.

more info: http://www.whiteheadimages.com/blog/tracks-a-trails-mainmenu-104/khuen-srinagarindra-np/khao-ang-rue-nai-mainmenu-110

Leave the main road to the waterfall


First level of the waterfall

19-JAN-10 11:08:26

2nd ranger station + parking

19-JAN-10 10:53:23


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