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κοντά στην περιοχή Willow Plain, South Australia (Australia)

Experienced walkers and kids over 10yo

Left turn at the cans

Look for the cans hanging from the tree at the fork in the two creeks and turn left (north) up the new creek past the funny stumpy gum tree.

Waterfall scramble

Carefully up the rock face or a detour up the slope on the left.

Top of creek

It opens up a bit here. Go straight up the creek ahead (and don't take the one on the right or the one on the left).

Beginning of a scramble

Rock hop your way up the creek, watching out for lizards.

First view of homestead

Don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view down the valley.

End of the creek

Decision time. We like to push straight up from here. But you can cut up the ravine to the right up to the next ridge line, then turn left. It's all a bit of a grind from here, whichever way you go.

Lone Pine

We aim for the pine on the ridge (on the left in the photo).

One more ridge

At the pine, work up to the next, final ridge line, aiming for the dead tree in the photo.

Final push

Nearly there. The top of the communication tower will pop into view shortly.

Mount Plantagenet

Made it - enjoy the views north to Wilpena and west to the Elder Range. After a rest, a snack and a drink, we'll go down along the road for a while before going Bush again.

Next turn off

You can turn off to the right anywhere along here. But we'll stay on the road until the spinifex thins out a bit.

Turn right here

There's a sheoak here and less spinifex. Just follow your nose, working towards the left hand side of the valley towards the tree line in the creek below.

In the creek

Just keep going along this creek to the bottom.

Eagle's Nest

Look up in the last of these creek gum trees for the nest. You can scramble up the rock cliff on the left to try to look in to see if anyone is home.

Bonsai tree

This tree just has so much character.

Sheet of rock

If you're doing this walk in reverse (going up the mountain this way) here is where you turn to head up. Otherwise. Going down you turn right here and follow the creek.

Detour to Box Canyon

If you would like a short detour, stay in the creek to the right (west) of the saddle and follow this creek to have a look from the top of the Box Canyon.

Top of the Box Canyon

After a look (and a scramble down, if you're feeling adventurous) return back up the creek you came down to get back on the track.

Back on track

Work your way down this valley, gradually traversing downwards, getting closer to the creek bed on your left.

Into the creek bed

The animal tracks in and just to the left (east) of the creek bed seem to offer better walking.

Turning point

If you are staying at the Quarters turn left at this creek and follow it home. Otherwise, turn right to get back to Jenny's camp.


Nearly home.


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