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κοντά στην περιοχή Káto Zakhloroú (Greece)

The route is part of international hiking route E4. We took the famous Odontotos train from Diakopto and took off halfway of the route to Kalavryta, in village of Zachlorou (check the official web page for details in time table and tickets). The hike (descent only) starts from there, following exactly the railway tracks. The tracks go through amazing places in Vouraikos gorge, like the Gates (gr "Portes"), waterfalls, rail bridges, always along the river. The hike is very easy and only down. Beautiful views all the way. GPS got lost several times when walking through tunnels so the profile of the route is not fully correct.

It is not worth to hike all the train's route from Kalacryta to Diakopto, as the later part is not so attractive as the lower one from Zachlorou.

please check the time table of the train for the whole day, both ways, to avoid meeting the train in the tunnels :-P It is also recommended to report Your hike to the train authorities at the station in Diakopto in order to worn the train operator.


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