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κοντά στην περιοχή Theth, Shkodër (Albania)

In the first and original Valbona Guesthouse, expect a warm welcome from Nene (Mother) Sose Selimaj.  Join her in the kitchen for fabulous homecooked meals.  Those interested in handicrafts may want to learn to card, spin and knit the traditional raw wool that keeps us toasty warm during the harsh winters.
A dedicated building in the heart of the small hamlet of Quku i Valbones offers luxury rooms in a traditional setting. It seemed like only a heartbeat between people being happy to find anything at all, to the moment when people started being shocked there were no private bathrooms!  Well, now there are.  11 rooms with all wooden fittings, super double beds, private bathroom and private balconies.  Downstairs is a small sitting room with a fireplace, and a self-service kitchen, for making snacks or your own cup of coffee. (Yes, there’s even an espresso machine!) Next door, attached to the farmhouse, is a large stone dining room for buffet breakfasts and catered dinners, as well as a large sitting room (with a fireplace) upstairs.  And all around are the creaking uncles and aunties, so you can have the best "guesthouse" experience with the maximum of luxurious comfort.
This is the oldest and best restaurant in Valbona.  Unlike most Albanian restaurants, we focus on being quiet and cozy - not that it can't be crazy at the height of summer.  Open from 1 May until 15 October, the restaurant has TWO (count them - two!) chefs.  One chef works at our dedicated outdoor fire and woodstove, specializing in traditional local food, using only the freshest of ingredients. However, since traditional food is meat, meat, cream, butter, fat and more meat, we also have an "import" chef in the kitchen, making more international fare with spices and vegetables and other 'exotic' fare.
Opened in 2005, Rilindja (“Rebirth”) is the oldest operating restaurant in Valbona. And the coziest! Upstairs are 4 small twin rooms with one shared bathroom. Two of the rooms have enormous balconies. These small rooms are cozy but basic, and are best for those who intend to be out and about most of the time. The restaurant specializes in traditional Northern Albanian fare, including whole goats roasted on a spit(!). The Information Center is what we call our office, and since we are the people doing the trail marking, map making, environmental research and education programs, you can always find the most up-to-date information here.


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