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κοντά στην περιοχή Áno Alepokhórion (Greece)

A long but relatively easy walk near Alepochori and Psatha.
Following the road around the western part of mountain Pateras.
Finding two amazing ancient towers and some nice little churches along the way.

Total walking time: a bit less than 6 hours if you take it easy.
Arrive here from Psatha. Leave your car(s) where the road splits and go right, on foot.
Continue right and downwards towards the monastery.
Monastery of the 13th century AD.
Coming back from the monastery, turn right and go upwards. A few meters later, turn left.
Turn left and follow the road uphill.
Turn right
Turn left
Don't leave the main road. Continue left and uphill.
Don't leave the main road. Continue straight. The road to the left leads to a house.
Turn right, go around the small field.
There's a small road to the left. Ignore it and stay on the main road.
Stay on the main road. Don't follow the small road. It leads to a house.
Turn left
Stay on the main road, go uphill. Don't follow the smaller road to the right.
Turn right, go downhill. Beware of the dogs.
Turn right
Follow the main road, go left. On your right hand there is a wooden construction for fire watching.
Turn right.
At the crossroad, keep straight and go uphill.
Turn left. It gets easier from now on.
The first tower. From around 350 BC!
The 2nd tower from around 350 BC. There were about 7 towers at the time, protecting a passage from Peloponnese to Thebes. The alternative would be to pass near Athens and pay tolls etc.
You're passing a sheep-house and some ruins. Keep on and beware of the dogs (again). After the end of the field with the solar panels, there is a house. Keep right and downhill, all the way to where you started.

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  • willydn 19 Ιαν 2012

    Thanks for your comments on 'Athene(Oosten)'
    In the United States and United Kingdom, hiking refers to WALKING OUTDOORS for RECREATIONAL PURPOSES.
    Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of WALKING in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrain.(isn't ATHENS A BEAUTIFUL CITY?)
    The word hiking is understood in all English-speaking countries, but there are also differences in usage.
    In fact our visit trough Athens was an excursion, a trip made for leisure, education and physical purposes. Such selection is not possible in Wikiloc.

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