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κοντά στην περιοχή Vordertriebental, Styria (Austria)

Triebener Tauern is a minor subrange of Lower Tauern, a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps, in the Austrian state of Styria. The mountain ridges adjacent to Triebental are officially considered to be a part of a bigger body of Seckauer Tauern but the locals do distinguish between Triebener and Seckauer Tauern, so I'll stick to it as well.

Triebental is a valley running south-eastward from a mountain pass of Hohentauern and it's an ideal starting point to hike these remote mountains. There're actually only three accommodation options available in Triebental - guest house Braun and Austrian Alpine Club's Triebental Hut approximately halfway up the valley and Bergerhube at the upper end of Triebental; but you can sleep rough or raise a tent virtually anywhere as the area is not a protected one. There's also a couple of small parking lots within the valley positioned near to the hiking trails to leave a car if you're in for a one day hike.

This particular hike took us from guest house Braun through the southern part of Triebener Tauern ridge, encompassing the summits of Kreuzkogel (without a cross though), Geierkogel and Sonntagskogel. I list this one as difficult, as the hike is quite long with some pretty steep passages and especially when the weather's not ideal it turns out to be unexpectedly demanding. On the other hand there are no technical passages that would require climbing skills as the ridge tends to be mostly grassy without any extensive blockfields or stone runs.




Mountain pass






Mountain pass

Triebener Törl


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