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κοντά στην περιοχή Unterwalden, Tyrol (Austria)

Why worthwhile? A very beautiful hike on height with beautiful view on the surrounding mountains: the Dolomites and the Villgratental.

Starting point: In Sillian we take the Thurntaler Bergbahn up towards Gadain (2089m) [Sillian – Pustertal - Ost-Tirol].

Total time: 4 - 4½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 2

Difficulties: Beautiful “höhenwanderung” across good mountain paths. Sometimes somewhat steeper passages, but mostly easy going terrain. Well marked and many road signs.

Route description:

From the mountain station Gadain we go left (southern direction) across a supply road, ascending slightly towards Alpeggele (signs ‘Rundwanderung Thurntaler’, weg nr. 10B). Passing by Alpeggele – with a turn towards a more direct climb of the Thurntaler top – we reach a small alm with new mountain cabin. From here we go over in to a mountain path. Always ascending equally we reach a fork at a 2332m height. We will come back here later, but first we go to our first target: Jugendkreuz Parggen Spitze.

First we still follow the Rundwanderweg Thurntaler (weg nr. 10) until the Astatt Sattel. Here we follow the sign ‘Thurntaler See’ and ‘Jugendkreuz’ (weg nr. 4A). After 20 – 25 minutes we reach the lake (with small bridge) and a good 10 minutes later the Jugendkreuz (Parggen Spitze). We walk the same way back till the fork at 2332m. Here we now go in eastern direction up the mountain towards the Thurntaler top. A short yet heavy climb brings us to the mountain station of a ski lift. Now several meters higher left up to the “real” top at 2407m.

The way back: from the top we first walk past and under the ski lift down towards Thurntaler Rast (signs). We first reach the Klamm See and the Schaf See (during our trip the Klamm See was dried up). Here is also a fork (signs on a pole of the ski lift). Here we follow Thurntaler Rast (weg nr. 10). We first walk past the Kuhsee (also dried up during our trip) and then go over a beautiful path, first across a mountain ridge and later on down through alp meadows towards Thurntaler Rast (jausenstation, gasthof). We end up on a broader path and go right here, than left past a mountain cabin and then left on an alp meadow down to the Thurntaler Rast.

After a well earned rest we walk up through the alm meadow and underneath the ski lift until we end op on the supply road which – going left – brings us back to the mountain station Gadain (in about a quarter of an hour).

Done in 2005.


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