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κοντά στην περιοχή Marchenilla, Andalucía (España)

The hike starts in Marchenilla (Jimena de la Frontera). We leave the car next to the Venta that is at the foot of the road or just in front of the Venta, there is a lane (opposite side of the Venta). We leave the car next to the Venta and cross the A-369 and follow the lane mentioned above.

Carrying along the lane is the Hozgarganta river usually with water up to the ankles so it’s either wet feet or shoes off not unless you’ve got waterproof boots.
Continuing along this lane until we cross the railway tracks, BE VERY CAREFUL THERE ARE NO BARRIERS but visibility is good on both sides.

When crossing the road there is a crossing, here we have two options turn right and then left there is a gate, cross it and you will see just to the left follow the track where you will arrive at an old farmhouse on the left and later on a ship without walls.
Further along is a gate which we have to jump. After approximately 1200 meters we reach a point where we will find a gravel track and a little further on we will see an abandoned track on the left, as we forget the gravel track and continue to the abandoned or neglected forest track. Now comes the most difficult point and one of the reasons that makes the route difficult, which until now is easy. It is a track with a very steep climb, without a small straight line or descent to recover, with loose stones that complicate the climb a little more. The climb is just over a kilometer,
where at the end of the climb we will come across a fence we turn left and we will continue parallel to it (the fence is always on our right), we can take a breather a little further on in a cave. We will follow the fence until we reach a ring that we will cross and now we will turn right. Where we can choose between follow the fence that goes down or separate a little from it and go down the flagstones that make up the Salado Plateau with magnificent views.
Be careful not to disturb the vultures that nest on the cliff face.
The El Salado Gorge is beautiful area at the base of the Plateau ideally situated for a picnic.
The Salta de la Crita (Cript Jump) is a great place to swim for the insane.
The trail from here is a relatively straight
Affair back to the starting point.



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