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κοντά στην περιοχή Kamárai, South Aegean (Greece)

There is a direct walk Kamáres - Apollonía, but it follows mainly gravel roads, which follow the valley from Kamáres towards the interior of the island.
The route which is described in this walk, is the most attractive - but also the longest: it first climbs on the steep slope south of Kamáres, then follows the beautiful trail on the slopes of the Profítis Ilias to Agios Elefthérios, and finally descends to Apollonía.
When climbing up from Kamáres, to the trail coming from Agios Elefthérios, the path used to be very difficult to find. In 2008, however, the path was made passable again, and also marked by means of cairns. In 2011 finally, it was totally cleared and, sometimes, it follows another itinerary.
This part of the hike remains very interesting, because you find out how one of the most beautiful kalderímia of the Cycladic isles – what the trail from Kamáres definitely used to be – could be badly damaged as a result of the difficult terrain and landslides.
The views of the bay of Kamáres and on the entire valley are splendid throughout the walk.


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