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κοντά στην περιοχή Plagött, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italia)

Why worthwhile? Very beautiful “panorama mountain” at reasonable height (> 2800m) with a relatively easy climb.

Starting point: Haideralm (2120m), accessible using the Haideralmbahn (gondola lift) from San Valentino. [San Valentino (1465m) – Vinschgau, Süd-Tirol]

Time: 3½ – 4 hours.

Difficulty Rating: 3 to 4

Details: Reasonable to well marked route, partially steep climb with sometimes alpine conditions (above the 2500m). Partially across boulders and especially at the top a steep part across loose gravel and flint ("trittsicherheit").

Route description:

From the mountain station of the Haideralmbahn we shortly walk towards the mountain restaurant Haideralm. At a wooden fence road signs are located to the Seebödenspitze (road no. 10). In the beginning the route goes across alms and ski arena’s, going up steeply until we reach an old cabin (shelter for cows). Here a road signs points further towards the Seebödenspitze. Next we climb a “mulde” (mountain basin) to a higher located plateau. Here we find a sign “Seebödenspitze, 50min”.

We need to cross a small plain First, than up steeply towards the mountain ridge (bone). In the beginning across rock boulders, than across loose gravel and flint. Once on the ridge we follow it up the mountain and a clear path brings us obviously less tiresome to the top.

The return route goes to the end of the ridge where the path goes steeply downwards left across the gravel. Pay attention: after several height meters, route no.16 continues on to the right hand side, this exit is not marked by a road sign but with red/white/red markings and the number “16” on stones.

After the boulder passage the route follows the ridge further towards the Seeköpfl (2632m). This pleasant descent offers the opportunity to take a good look at the beautiful view. On the top of the Seeköpfl, marked by a Steinmännchen, the path continues on the right-hand side (steeply) down towards the already visible Grüner See (2441m).

At around 50 height meters above the Grünersee we arrive at a small lump where we continue downwards to the left (to the right you can descend further down to the mountain lake). From here we return to the Haideralm in about half an hour to 45 minutes.

Done in 2009.


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