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588 m
9,26 χιλιόμετρα

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κοντά στην περιοχή Malenovice, Moravskoslezský (Czechia)

Lysá Hora is the highest mountain of the Moravian-Silesian Beskids range in the Czech Republic and one of the most frequently visited tourist spots in the Czech republic (up to 500k visitors annually). To make long story short it tends to get awfully crowded up there during the weekends and state holidays.

That's why I prefer to hike this one on weekday afternoons only (and preferably during winter season). It's the only time when there's some measure of calm and tranquility up there on the summit. Other than that I strongly recommend to avoid Lysá Hora at any cost and head for Smrk or Travný instead.


There's a Satina waterfall nearby.
Καταφύγιο (χώρος)

Bezruč's chalet

A chalet run by "Klub českých turistů" (Czech Hiking Club).


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