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κοντά στην περιοχή Limniónas, North Aegean (Greece)

Limnionas (Λιμνιωας) - Aghia Kyriaki (Αγια Κυριακη) tour via hidden path.

Start of the walk: from the beach follow the stream up. Halfway keep on the left side. On the right side a gorge will eventually appear. keep on the path left from the gorge until you reach Aghia Kyriaki (translated -Holy Sunday) with a watertap. Take the road out of the village NW and up. After a while there is a diversion. Bear left (South). After a while the track changes into a rocky footpath. Once on the top bear right. After a short while there is a diversion. Bear right (*) and look carefully for the entrance of an overgrown path on the left. I have put a small pile of stones to mark the entrance. From there it an unspoiled wild walk on a disused path, with fine views towards the Fourni islands. At the end there is a road (almost blocked with piles of rocks). At the end take the second road left down to the coastal track back to Limnionas. You will pass the tavern 'End of The World'

(from * the road left is the direct way down - in case you cannot find the hidden path)
Entrance of the hidden path. Bear left (i have marked it with a small pile of stones)


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