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κοντά στην περιοχή Štrbské Pleso, Prešovský (Slovensko)

Day 7. From Popradské pleso (Popradzki Staw), still in forest, you take blue marked path up the valley. The forest turns into mountain pine forest, and after around half an hour there is an intersection where you turn right into red marked path all the way up to Rysy.

After a moment the trail starts to climb more steeply, and you leave the layer of mountain pine to reach Žabia dolina with its alpine look and two lakes. Then, at the altitude of around 2000 metres above sea level, the trail again becomes steeper, you walk for a while on the rock, and some chains are there to protect you, but there is no exposition.

At the altitude of 2250 metres you reach a shelter Chata pod Rysmi. At 2340 metres you reach a pass (Sedlo Váha, Waga) from each you already have views on Ťažká dolina (Ciężka Dolina). From there you climb mainly on the rock, and this part of the trail might be very challenging in wet weather.

From the summit you have great views on the surrounding valleys, and peaks from Lomnica (and Tatry Bielskie) to Western Tatra.

At certain moment on the way back the gps lost the connection so the records are wrong, but you follow the same path as on the way up.

This trail is part of a longer trip of several days. All the following trails are uploaded in Wikiloc.
Day 1: a loop from Ždiar to Magurka in Spiska Magura.
Day 2: from Ždiar to Zelené pleso (Zielony Staw Kieżmarski).
Day 3: from Zelené pleso to Bilíkova chata (Schronisko Bilika).
Day 4: a loop from Bilíkova chata to Malá Studená dolina (Dolina Małej Zimnej Wody) and Kotlina Piatich Spišských plies (Kotlina Pięciu Stawów Spiskich).
Day 5 (morning): from Bilíkova chata to Sliezsky dom (Śląski Dom).
Day 5 (afternoon): a loop from Sliezsky dom to the summit of Východná Vysoká (2429).
Day 6: from Sliezsky dom to Popradské pleso (Popradzki Staw).
Day 7: a loop from Popradské pleso to the summit of Rysy (2503).
Day 8: a loop from Popradské pleso to the summit of Kôprovský štít (Koprowy Wierch, 2363).

Take the blue marked path


Turn right into the red marked path


Veľké Žabie pleso Mengusovské (Wielki Żabi Staw Mięguszowiecki)


Chains and metal steps

Καταφύγιο (κτίριο)

Chata pod Rysmi




Mengusovská dolina (Dolina Mięguszowiecka)


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