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κοντά στην περιοχή Robertstown, Georgia (United States)

Essa trilha de Cachoeira/Natureza é uma das mais belas da Geórgia! Ela está localizada em Raven Cliffs Wilderness, e segue o curso do Dodd Creek em direção ao Dukes Creek.
Não deixe de subir os últimos 20m no final para ver as quedas d'água através rachaura na rocha.

This nice Waterfall/Wildernsess hike is one of the top in Georgia!
The trail is located in the Raven Cliffs Wilderness, and follows Dodd Creek runs to Dukes Creek.
Make sure to scramble the last 65 feet at the end to see the falls through the split in the cliffs.

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campground to opposite direction of trailhead.
large campground
Vá pela esquerda Go to the left
Climbing to the best lookout area
Parking area
wood bridge
wood bridge
3 logs footbridge
2 logs footbridge
wood bridge
wood bridge
wood bridge
2 logs footbridge
A parte visível dessa cachoeira são 2 quedas (ambas com 6m de altura cada) que correm por uma fissura na rocha, e deságua no Dodd Creek. The waterfall is an unusual double cascade (6m drop each) flowing down through a fissure in a granite outcrop to Dodd Creek.
Small brook that flows to Dodd Creek
Small brook that flows to Dodd Creek
Small brook that flows to Dodd Creek
Small brook that flows to Dodd Creek
going up to the lookout area

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    One of the most different trails in the area: beautiful landscape all the way up to the waterfall. It is worth it to climb the branches on the right side of i, so you can have a look at it from above. Not very hard if you have some ability. Overall it's not hard for anyone that is just a little bit fit, since the climb is not that accented.

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