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κοντά στην περιοχή Velp, Gelderland (Nederland)

Trail of Dutch Railways, indicated red and white.
Start at the parking place of railway station Velp. Via Keienberg, following the creek into Beekhuizen. Via the woods into the lovely heather moors of the Posbank.
At the backside of the parking place of Restaurant the Posbank (open from 10.00 onwards) into the Onzalige Bossen forest. Walk along the long path of the Koningslaan to Pancake restaurant Carolina Hoeve (open from 11.00 hours). Than via the forest to Carolinaberg, leaving the forest shortly after into the small town of Dieren. The station is nearby and can be approached via a tunnel under the railways. Take the Sprinter train back to Velp, every half hour at xx.17 direction Arnhem Rosendaal. On Sunday every hour. for departure time, also available in English.
The trail is well-indicated in Velp and Rheden but rather poor indicated in Dieren.
It is possible to shorten and/or extend the trail with another part of the NS hiking paths e.g. extend to Brunssum or Arnhem or reduce to Rheden railway station.

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Junction indication choice Arnhem or Velp: go to Velp

Here you have the choice between the NS railway trail to Arnhem or to Rheden and Dieren. Choose Velp to continue on our track.


Junction: up to now the trail ran parallel with the yellow-indicated tour around Beekhuizen trail. Here the NS trail and the Beekhuizen trail split.


Heather, beautiful view on the Posbank

Junction NS trail choice between Rheden and Dieren: go to Dieren.

At this junction there is an option to go either to railway station Rheden or to Dieren. We choose for Dieren.

Restaurant Posbank Paviljoen

Restaurant Posbank Paviljoen, open from 10.00 a.m.


Up to now the trail ran simultaneous with a purple arrow indicated trail. Here the NS trail and the purple trail split.

Pancake restaurant Carolina Hoeve

Pancake restaurant Carolina Hoeve, opens at 11.00 a.m.

Lost trail and took a small detour


Path indication ANWB nr. 20067

ANWB path indicators for bicycles look like a "mushroom" and have numbers on top. This one has nr. 20067

Back on trail at path indicator 23929

ANWB mushroom-shaped path indicator number 23929

Back on NS trail including NS red/white indication

Back on NS trail including NS red/white indication

Carolina berg in Dieren

Carolina berg in Dieren
χώρος στάθμευσης

Railway station Dieren and end of the trail

End of the trail. Go to the station via the tunnel and take the Sprinter train back to Velp, direction Arnhem, Nijmegen, Rosendaal. The intercity train does NOT stop in Velp: take the Sprinter at xx.17 and xx.47 hours. Reduced number of trains on Sunday: only every hour. for departure time, also available in English

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