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κοντά στην περιοχή Promírion, Thessaly (Greece)

Μια πολύ όμορφη και εύκολη κατάβαση στο Νότιο Πήλιο. Αρχή στην είσοδο του χωριού Προμύρι κοντά στο βενζινάδικο. Κατηφορίζουμε σε καλντερίμι δίπλα σε ρεματιά και φθάνουμε σε 2 ώρες στη θάλασσα του Αιγαίου στον Πλατανιά. Καλή σήμανση με πινακίδες και κόκκινα σημάδια. Δείτε αναλυτική περιγραφή στο:
An excellent and easy downhill walk on kalderimi following a riverbed. Starting from the entrance of Promiri close to the gas station, we come to the Aegean sea at the seaside location of Platanias. Duration 2 hours, signed with small round yellow signs and red marks. See detailed description at Walking in Pelion blog: http://walking-pelion.blogspot.gr/2012/06/promiri-platanias.html

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  • Φωτογραφίες olivestorecottage

    olivestorecottage 30 Ιαν 2017

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    A lovely walk with plenty of shade that connects the hidden village of Promyri with Platania by the sea. We live halfway along this path near the little church of Agia Sofia

  • costas.jajo 27 Ιουλ 2020

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    I did not like this route. The track is correct and the elevation profile too. However, it's not a very well maintained path and I got scarred by some local dogs and changed my route 1.5km before Platanias. I ran it alone in July 2020.

  • Φωτογραφίες olivestorecottage

    olivestorecottage 27 Ιουλ 2020

    In reply to Costas (above). This path was closed before about 2005 when it was opened and improved by volunteers. It is only maintained by volunteers but recently they have been demotivated to continue the work because so many hikers have a huge problem with the dogs. They are there legally but the owner chooses to keep them right by the path with a fence that does not appear safe. We have tried to find a community solution involving the kinotita (Promyri) and the municipality of South Pelion. They so far have failed to find a solution. I fear the path will become disused because of a lack of care by the municipality and demotivated volunteers. I am very sorry for this as I am the main volunteer since 2005. Can I ask you to write to the Mayor of South Pelion, Mixalis Mitsikos (in Argalasti) to tell him about the problems of the path. It used to be so beautiful but the municipality must deal with it seriously. The volunteers will help but they will not take responsibility for the route anymore.

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