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κοντά στην περιοχή Élafos, Thessaly (Greece)

A part of O2 national trail, starting from the village of Εlafos, first section on path in oak forest, then on dirt road, final section on kalderimi. Walking time 5.10, total time 6 hours.
Τμήμα του εθνικού μονοπατιού Ο2. Το πρώτο μισό σε μονοπάτι και το υπόλοιπο σε δασικό δρόμο σε ωραίο δρυοδάσος. Σήμανση με πινακιδάκια Ο2 και κόκκινα σημάδια. Αρχή στην εκκλησία στο κέντρο του Ελαφου και τερματισμός στην πλατεία Κεραμιδίου. Nέα διορθωμένη καταγραφή 3/5/2015. Καθαρός χρόνος πορείας 5.10, συνολικά 6 ώρες.
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    anna pelt 3 Ιουλ 2019

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    I did the trail from Keramidi to Elafos. The start in Keramidi is well marked. You start on the square where you may enjoy coffee and a snack (Evangelia is open from 6 in the morning) and buy your lunch in the minimarket just above the square.
    As soon as you leave the village you enter an old path which is overgrown near the stream bed that you have to cross: here it's also difficult to find the track. This is a stretch of about 200m, so just bring scissors and help clear the path!
    A large stretch on dirt roads through cattle county is easy and lovely for you have time to enjoy the views.
    The last part is through forest and again well marked and quite accessible.
    The end in Elafos is next to the taverna of Tasoula who is a wonderful cook. Call her in advance (6979 346158 ) and she'll stay open for you!

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