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Recorded Ιουνίου 2011

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κοντά στην περιοχή Gjevukaj, Komuna e Pejës (Kosovo)

This day involves a transferring hike to Babino Polje, Montenegro. This is a relatively long hike which passes the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. It goes through a beautiful mountain area with many water sources, glacial lakes and mountain passes with beautiful views.

It starts at Guri i Kuq Complex (WP 20e) and goes gently up S according an unpaved road in very beginning and than a hiking trail marked with red circles. After approx. 2, 2 km hiking uphill we reach an amazing glacial lake. The locals call it Liqeni i Kuçishtёs (WP 1f). Our route follows follow NW for approx. 500 meters and than we turn SW. After some meters hike we found a drinkable water source (WP 2f) and after few meters SW there is another glacial lake called Liqeni i Drelajve (WP 3f). From the beginning to here the path is very visible to follow. After the second glacial lake the path starts to become not always visible and requires good orientation skills. A GPS device or a local guide is strongly recommended for this part of the hike.
From Liqeni i Drelajve the route follows SW uphill to Lugu i Shkodrёs pass (WP 4f). The locals explain us that the pass is called like that because it used to be a caravan route which connected Peja, Kosovo with Shkodra, Albania.

A drinkable water source can be found in Lugu i Shkodrёs pass (WP 5f). Our route follows S uphill for approx. 400 meters until we reach Jelenka pass (WP 6f). From there we can see the valley of Babino Polje. We start the hike SE downhill and after approx. 1,5 km we saw a small artificial lake (WP 7f). The locals explained us that it serves as water reserve for donkeys, horses etc. From here the route follows SW in almost flat terrain until we reach Ravno Brdo pass (WP 8f). From Ravno Brdo pass we have a really clear and beautiful view toward Babino Polje village. The path is not always visible because of the long grass but it is still not difficult to reach the village since we have a clear view of it.
The path follows downhill and we saw many shepherd huts (WP 9f). After approx. 1 km hike downhill we reached the village and after we cross the bridge of the river (WP 10f), we follow NW according the unpaved road. Babino Polje is a nice option for overnight stay and is easy to find accommodation. We stayed in Armend Alija’s house, tel. +37744557386, WP 11f.
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