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κοντά στην περιοχή Thrakomakedónes, Attica (Greece)

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    spas00 7 Οκτ 2018

    Start at the end of Kastorias str., Thrakomakedones.At the first crosspath (800m, 20mins) follow the trail on the right. Cross a dirty road at 2.5Kms and 1hr. Follow the trail till you meet again the dirty road at 3.3Kms .Then follow the road till you reach the spring at 4.2Kms and arrive at the Refugee at 4.6Kms and 1hr50mins.
    From Refugee(1150m) follow the SSE trail and take the shortcut towards Flampouraki summit(1076m) at 5.4kms denoted with a signboard.
    200m away is the summit with nice view and it takes only 5 mins to reach it. Return back to the signboard and follow again the main trail towards the crosspath at 7.5Kms. Downhill from Refugee to Thrakomakedones takes around 1 hr nonstop following this return trail.

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