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κοντά στην περιοχή Párnis, Attica (Greece)


01) Mpafi refuge.

Mpafi refuge (1161 m-3809 ft) - Beginning/End of the route

02) Junction with asphalt road

Turn left (west) when you reach the road.

03) Junction to Skipiza

Follow the road to your right (north) for about 800m (2620ft).

04) Junction with the path

The asphalt intersects with the path that will lead you to the Skipiza spring. The path starts to the right of the. The marks are yellow signs.

05) Point of view

View of the island of Salamis, which is the largest island in the Saronic gulf.

06) Viscum plant

Look for the plant with light green color on the top of fir trees. This is the hemi-parasitic plant, viscum. The viscous substance of its fruits has been used for capturing birds.

07) Pistacia Lentiscus

At this point you can notice many evergreen shrubs. Its scientific name is Pistacia Lentiscus. They have small, spherical red fruits. The famous Chios' mastic trees are species of Pistacia Lentiscus. Mastic is a resin obtained from the mastic tree.

08) Junction to fire lookout station

Follow the downhill path to your left (northwest).

09) Water spring of Skipiza

You have reached the spring of Skipiza. Discover the plane trees and chestnut trees around the water spring. The path continues on the right (north) to Mola. The uphill part of the route to the fire lookout tower starts from here. For this reason it is best not to stop here for a long. The path is marked with purple signs.

10) Junction on the rock

Head left (north).

11) Fire lookout tower

You are at the fire lookout tower of fire protection volunteers of Attica in Skipiza. It is an ideal spot to take a rest and to enjoy the view of the island of Evia. In Arvanitic dialect the name of Skipiza means the nest of an eagle. Please leave the tower as it was before.

12) Junction

Continue to your left (southeast).

13) Junction to Mpafi

Continue to the right (south), following the sign to Mola. In this part of the route the mark points are red and yellow.

14) End of circular route

The circular route ends here. Continue on the path from where you came to (southeast-to your left).


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