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κοντά στην περιοχή Kéndarkhos, South Aegean (Greece)

The trail is about 57 kms long (as measured by e-Trex20 Garmin GPS device).
Unfortunately, most of the trails are not cleared and it is quite easy to lose your way (as it happened to me several times).
The landscape is breathtaking and the beaches and the sea are amazing.
I did it in three days (16-17h walking) due to a number of unexpected events (storms, lost the cell phone, uncleared paths and intense vegetation, etc).
It could be done within a shorter duration, especially if one follows trails that are used and thus, are easy to walk.
The trail starts from the port and passes through:
-The Dam
-Psili Ammos beach
-Ai Yannis beach
-Kentarchos beach
-Kallitsos village
-Monastery of Taxiarchis
-Sikamia beach
-Karavas beach
-Agia Thekla chapel
-Panagia chapel
-Avissalos beach
-Agioi Anargiri chapel
-Mega Livadi
-Evangelistria Monastery
-Trouli cape
-Koutalas beach
-Ganema beach
-Vagia beach
and ends at the port, there where it started.



Το μονοπάτι έχει μήκος περίπου 57 χλμ. (Όπως μετρήθηκε με συσκευή GPS Garmin e-Trex20).
Δυστυχώς, τα περισσότερα από τα μονοπάτια δεν είναι καθαρά και είναι πολύ εύκολο να χάσει κανείς το δρόμο του (μου συνέβη αρκετές φορές).
Το τοπίο είναι εκπληκτικό και οι παραλίες και η θάλασσα είναι υπέροχες.
Το μονοπάτι το έκανα μέσα σε τρεις μέρες (16-17 ώρες καθαρό περπάτημα) εξαιτίας κάποιων απροσδόκητων γεγονότων (καταιγίδες, έχασα το τηλ σε ένα ρέμα, δύσβατα μονοπάτια κ.λπ.).
Θα μπορούσε να γίνει σε αρκετά συντομότερο χρονικό διάστημα, ειδικά αν κάποιος ακολουθήσει μονοπάτια που χρησιμοποιούνται και έτσι είναι εύκολο να περπατηθούν.

Το μονοπάτι ξεκινά από το λιμάνι και διέρχεται από:

-Παραλία Ψιλή Άμμος
-Παραλία Αη Γιάννη
-Παραλία Κένταρχος
-Μοναστήρι Ταξιάρχη
-Παραλία Συκαμιάς
-Παραλία Καραβά (Κάραβος)
-Παρεκκλήσι Αγίας Θέκλας
-Παραλία Αβυσσαλός
-Παρεκκλήσι Αγίων Αναργύρων
-Μεγά Λιβάδι
-Μονή Ευαγγελίστριας
-Ακρωτήριο Τρουλλι
-Παραλία Κουταλά
-Παραλία Γανέμα
-Παραλία Βάγιας

και τελειώνει στο λιμάνι, εκεί που ξεκίνησε.

Dam (Φράγμα)

An artificial lake created by a dam close to Psili Ammos beach, located about 25 min (walking time) from Livadi Port.

Psili Ammos (Ψιλή Άμμος)

Nice sandy beach with crystal clear waters, trees that offer their shadow and a small tavern on the northern corner.

Agios Ioannis

A nice beach close to Psili Ammos.

Kentarchos beach

The beach is rocky with clear waters and trees. However, the old trail I followed that goes up to the village through the ravine is lost due to the plantation. It is recommended to follow the trail that starts from the southern part of the beach and moves uphill to reach the dirt road that leads to the village of Kallitsos. Some of the photos are from the trail I followed to reach the village.

Kallitsos Village

The old village of Kallitsos, one from the most beautiful of the island, hanging above the ravine with the friendly and welcoming locals and the beautiful sunrise.
Sacred architecture

Taxiarchis Monastery

The old Monastery of Taxiarchis. The old church is very interesting.

Galani intersection to Sikamia

The point that starts the trail that leads to the Sikamia beach.

Sikamia beach


Tavern at Sikamia beach

You can relax, buy water or have a meal.

Karavas beach


Camping site

There is a ruined building (inside which I camped to avoid a storm). If one walks a bit further towards Agia Thekla, it would be better to camp outside the chapel.

Agia Theckla Chapel

On a summit at 400m above the sea with a great view on the surrounding area.
Sacred architecture

Panagia Liomandra

The old church is standing there from 1711. There are two trails that go to Avissalos beach. Unfortunately, both of them closed from vegetation. I followed the one that goes on the right (west). After some time I lost the trail and improvised...

Avissalos beach



Serifos was quite famous for its wine until recently. A majority of the population migrated to cities during the last decades to find a job. The vineyards were abandoned. However, some of them returned after the got their pension to the island and work on the land of their ancestors. Yannis is one of them, producing wine using the traditional methods. He offered to me the shadow of his yards and two glasses of his amazing bio-wine that he makes in the vineyards that lie in front of his house as I was quite exhausted from the high temperatures. Ask him if he has some. It is worth it to buy a small bottle as a company on your trip. He can also provide you with some information regarding the place and its history. Enjoy
Sacred architecture

Agioi Anargiri

The chapel offers nice shadow. Moving downhill one must cross the ravine to the other side (south) in order to follow the trail.

Mega Livadi



Sacred architecture

Monastery of Evangelistria

A new monastery with an interesting view on the south part of the island.


The southwest cape of the island.

The beach close to Evangelistria Monastery

The beach is located about 20 mins moving downwards behind the monastery (to the east). It is better to go there in the morning when the sun is up. From there one can follow a path that leads to another beach with black sand (15 mins walk), the one I followed on the trail.

Koutalas beach

Sacred architecture

Agia Irini

The chapel between Koutalas beach and Ganema beach. Before there was a trail passing through the place connecting both beaches. Now it is closed.

Vagia beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Ganema beach


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