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I couldnt find a gpx for mt fainter anywhere before i went so im uploading this for anyone else who goes in the future. I had planned a different route up, so im glad i did it this way now. i ran into a guy who had come from up there and gave me the heads up.
when u get to little plain on the fainter fire trail, u will see mt fainter south off in the distance. little plain is a large open area often used for camping, u will know it when u get there. after leaving little plain, the track goes around the eastern end of mt fainter south. when u get to a saddle between the peaks, the track turns north. looking back to the south u might just be able to see the summit cairn, if not, basically u head straight up the north slope of mt fainter south. u will see a few scattered boulders near the top, aim to the left of these, and u will pick up the track just near the top. there is kinda a track headin up the slope, but its just shin high grass, no obstacles, just make your own way. when u hit the boulders , the track then swings right and up around to the summit.

at the summit u get clean view over to mt fainter north. u can either straight line it , or head back down to the fire trail and make your way up mt fainter north at whatever point you like, which is what i did as my knee was killing me and i wanted to avoid stepping over and around as much vegetation as i could without going too far along the track and making the trip to the summit steeper and longer. i picked up a rough track part way up the slope to mt fainter north summit.

its all pretty obvious when u get there, just would of been nice to know before going. there are no signs where to turn off.

one pic is looking from the summit of mt fainter sth over to mt fainter north, and the other is down on the fire trail just after the spot to head up to mt fainter south, u can see the boulders i mentioned and the summit cairn

i have marked this as moderated because the actual walk described here is easy but its the total distance that makes it harder, roughly 20km return when starting at pretty valley pondage. that and the fact most of this walk is fairly exposed up in the alpine area a wet windy day would make this pretty unpleasant.


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