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κοντά στην περιοχή Við Kirkjar, Vága sýsla (Føroyar)

Trail along the Vatniđ lake, the largest lake in the Faroes. The hike starts at the ticket booth, which you can reach by car and park there.

The booth is a container-like structure (has Wi-Fi, chips, chocolate bars, etc for purchase). The price is 200 DKK/person if you go alone, 450 DKK if you take the tour guide. They take cash (DKK/FOK only) and all major debit cards. You can pay on the spot, or book online.

A hot tea/coffee is included in the price. Note: the path is very straightforward and it's questionable how much the guide is really needed.

The high-point of the hike is to see the cliffs towering over the ocean, and the lake which gets so near the cliffs (last waypoint). Note: the lake may be receded so you may not see it as depicted in the promotional photos.

You can return to the starting point along the lake shore, but it was too muddy/wet in the season and the path wasn't open for tourists, so we returned the same way we came.

The path is riddled with at least a dozen streams with drinkable fresh water. Note: at some points you have to cross the water, but nothing too serious. You shouldn't get wet. Children my need some help from adults.

Overall, a magnificent location.
There is parking by the ticket booth also.
A place to take a test and enjoy the view.
Another place to take a rest.
At this place the path intersects, you can go in a few directions around the cliffs.
From this point you would see the water from the lake overflowing the cliffs, and into the sea; the lake was a bit receded so we didn't get to witness it.


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