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This descent is part 2 of the loop that starts here: https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/hunter-mountain-fire-tower-via-spruceton-rd-trail-60147317
It's a good scenic loop to the top of Hunter Mountain, with a number of nice views along the way. The panoramic views from the fire tower on top are excellent.

The loop hike climbs up the clear Spruceton route to the fire tower, then descends to the west via the harder Devil's Path trail and Diamond Notch. Follow a detailed description of the route here: http://www.catskillhiker.net/Catskill35/peaks/hunter.shtml.

The ascent is a good trail. The main road up from Spruceton Rd is wide and easy to follow, and not too steep compared to other routes up Hunter. On the way up there are partial views of Rusk Mt and West Kill, the best of which is just below John Robb shelter.

Note that after the firetower there are two trails to connect to Devil's Path. The blue-blazed trail, a continuation of the Spruceton path, starts at the signpost near the caretaker cabin. The yellow trail we did not find, but I believe it starts somewhere in the fire tower clearing. It doesn't matter, since the trails rejoin after about 0.4 mile. (According to the map, the yellow trail shortcuts to the Becker Hollow trail east down to Rte 214, which reconnects). Don't miss the viewpoint a short distance west from the intersection of the yellow and blue trails. (That side trail is marked yellow).

The descent on Devil's Path is sometimes treacherous, as the Catskill Hiker trail report suggests, steep with loose rocks and little stream gullies. It was also surprisingly wet (considering it has been a dry November) with some short swampy mud pits, especially below Devil's Acre shelter and near Geiger Lookout.

West Kill creek and the falls in Diamond Notch are lovely. Hiked 201108 w J loop

Swampy area

Even in dry weather this section of trail has deep mud.


Bridge over West Kill creek near Diamond Notch Falls. The intersection of the Devil's Path and Diamond Notch trails are here.
Τόπος στάσης

Diamond Notch trailhead

This small parking area and trailhead are at the very end of Spruceton Rd.
Τόπος στάσης

Spruceton Rd trailhead

See hike info here: https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/hunter-mountain-fire-tower-via-spruceton-rd-trail-60147317


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