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κοντά στην περιοχή Ricchiardi, Piemonte (Italia)

Hiking - Super panoramic trail in Val Grande di Lanzo to Gias Nuovo Fontane.
In local language, a "gias" is a pasture place with one or more buildings where herds - usually cows - and the shepherd(s) spend the summer months at high altitude.
No rain today but the beautiful clouds, at times opening the view on majestic peaks, made it a great day out.
Note: Parking - see waypoint - spots aren't many.
The trail is actually a narrow one-lane service road, unpaved, suitable for mountain bikes. By foot, we otherwise took the initial part (shortcut) which is a nice trail in the woods. This portion isn't cyclable.
Plan for the day included a visit to the Sagnasse Lake but we skipped it due to the weather. Wise decision as it started raining just when we got back to the car.
Τόπος στάσης

Gias Nuovo Fontane

Τόπος στάσης

Laghi di Sagnasse

Χώρος στάθμευσης

P Sagnasse Free



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