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κοντά στην περιοχή Karpenísi, Central Greece (Greece)

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Αυτή είναι η προσπάθειά μου να ακολουθήσω τον Ε4 Ευρωπαϊκό Πεζοπορείο από το Καρπενήσι στους Δελφούς μέσω των βουνών της Πίνδου και στην Ιτέα στην ακτή. Το μονοπάτι είναι μέσα σε ορεινό τοπίο, πάνω από περάσματα και κατά μήκος κοιλάδων. Βρίσκεται σε δρόμους με άσφαλτο, δασικά μονοπάτια και μονοπάτια, τα μονοπάτια είναι μερικές φορές καλές, αλλά συχνά δεν έχουν έκφραση στο έδαφος, καθιστώντας την πρόοδο αργή. Έχω σημάνσεις δύο τοποθεσίες όπου το μονοπάτι είναι δύσκολο να ακολουθήσει, αλλά υπάρχουν και πολλά άλλα. Η επισήμανση με κίτρινες και μαύρες ετικέτες Ε4 και ζωγραφισμένες λωρίδες είναι καλή σε μέρη και απουσιάζει σε άλλες.
Περπάτησα τη διαδρομή στις αρχές Μαΐου και εξακολουθούσε να υπάρχει σημαντικό χιόνι στα βουνά, το οποίο γενικά απέφυγε η διαδρομή μου. Η διαδρομή μου βασίστηκε στους χάρτες πεζοπορίας Anavasi και τα αρχεία GPX σε ένα blog του Στέφανου Σταμέλου
Η διαδρομή αυτή ακολουθεί τον προηγούμενο περίπατό μου στο Καρπενήσι Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες μπορούν να βρεθούν στο blog μου

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Arriving at Delphi is the culmination of the trip with its famous ancient Greek remains. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and shops and a good path into and out of the town.
There is a taverna and accommodation in this village
There are tavernas and accommodation in the village, named after a hero of the Greek War of Indepedence
A monastery that no longer seemed in use but was well maintained
Another section of path climbing up to the Kalania plateau that is difficult to find
A downhill section where it was difficult to find the path
The square of this village has a cafe and taverna
There is a taverna and accomodation in this village.
This is a particularly difficult section of path traversing a steep slope, across scree in places. Care is needed to avoid slipping and to watch out for the waymarks as the route of the path is not always clear. Fallen trees make following the route difficult. There is an alternate route along a dirt track in the valley.
There are various quarries in this area, which I assume are associated with bauxite mining. They do not interfer with the E4 which follows the road.
This was one of two river crossings on this section.
This was the second of two river crossings on this section. The track that the E4 follows had been washed away making for additional problems. As this was in early May the river was swollen by snow meltwater. It would be less of a problem later in the year.
There is a choice of three routes near this point. The official E4 follows a path along the river. The preceding path was overgrown and difficult to follow so instead I followed the road to Strome. An E4 alternative takes you over the Giona mountains. It which sounds attractive however the snow made me decide against it on this occasion, given there was on steep scree slope on the far side of the mountains that you descend, which would have been covered by snow and possibly damgerous without suitable equipment.
As this GPS track shows, I continued along the road to where a vehicle track up the mountain was marked. The official E4 is signposted here and there is a map on a noticeboard. This takes you up a path. As a the result of poor experiences with other "paths" followed by the E4 in this area, I did not attempt this path.
Although the village was very quiet the taverna in the square was open when I passed through


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