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κοντά στην περιοχή Claremont, Ontàrio (Canada)

We are packing up and moving out of town and I managed to work in one last hike in an area that I had been meaning to get to. It's a nice location but the real story on this one was the weather. It took a turn for the worse about half way in (the furthest possible distance from my car) and I got nailed with a thunderstorm, gale force winds, hail and serious rainfall.

Some small streams, rolling hills, meadow and mixed forest and a couple of points with a good lookout. The wildlife had the sense to stay indoors.

Maxini was pleased she didn't join me! I arrived back to the car drenched but none the worse for wear and needless to say I had the whole park to myself.

Cross road

Cross over Concession Road #6. this is the point where you leave Brock Tract and enter Glen Major. The maps on the signposts will change.


Sign posts (always face north) complete with maps of the area.


turned to the left
Πανοραμική θέα


Nice view of the area and a bench to sit on.


    You can or this trail