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κοντά στην περιοχή Morazán, Alajuela (Republic of Costa Rica)

A nice hike in a beautiful country. The trail sticks to lanes and roads (0.9 of a kilometer on highway #3) so footing is generally good (and traffic was limited). There is almost 600 meters of climb with some loose gravel in sections but there was no trespassing or fences to climb. Could be done in either direction and started anywhere on the circuit (some roadside parking was available at start point).

Quite a variety of birds were spotted including some vultures flying overhead (not a good sign when hiking alone) a pair of toucans (a fourcan?) and several oropendula with their interesting call and showy yellow tail. Some great vistas including a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Nicoya), some handsome peaks, a few streams and some beautiful trees. Trail takes you through some nice neighborhoods and there were a couple of places to buy food/drink.

Very enjoyable, I would recommend it!

Intersection 1

Take the left fork.

Intersection 2

Left at the school, cross over a stream

Intersection 3

Intersection with Highway 3, beautiful view of peaks and the Gulf of Nicoya

Intersection 4

Leave highway 3 at cell phone tower.

Intersection 5

Bear to the left

Intersection 6

Straight ahead.

Intersection 7

Left turn and down the hill.


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