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κοντά στην περιοχή Coppin's Corners, Ontàrio (Canada)

This tract has all sorts of trails criss-crossing it. Take a picture of the map at the start/stop point (lots of parking available) and select a trail or grouping of trails that suit your time and energy (the northern portion suffers a little from road noise coming from Goodwood Road / #21). It is multipurpose usage and there were bikers, hikers and runners when we visited. It really is a great track for biking (see other Wikiloc entries) but works for hiking too and a portion of the TransCanada Trail runs through it.

The forest is mature, mostly deciduous and plenty of small wildlife in the area. Path is in good shape, well marked and several places had maps posted depicting all the trails (I counted 16 different named trails). And with hundreds of trail intersections it is easy to get turned around so a map (or photo of a map) is definitely recommended.

North Intersection DN7

TransCanada trail continues north from here.

Intersection DN10

Trail to the east available, we continued south bound.

Coyote Junction - DN13

Major intersection of numerous trails marked on map as Coyote Junction. Complete with map board, trail names. loop lengths and difficulty of trails. Great place to revise/adjust your plans.

Intersection DW6

The tract's intersections were labeled (in case of emergency) but the maps posted did not have the corresponding information. Let me know if you have a map with the labels.... I'll post it. Edit: a picture of a map with the post markers is posted below (picture taken in April of 2019).

Intersection DW2

Small open space where a couple of trails meet. Labelled as DW2

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  • Φωτογραφίες Derek Trowbridge

    Derek Trowbridge 15 Ιουν 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I have been on this trail many times. It is one of my favourite places.

  • Φωτογραφίες Port flora

    Port flora 15 Ιουν 2016

    Great place. Make sure to look at Derek's Wikiloc entry (Durham Forest Mountain Biking) for even more trail coverage of this site.

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