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κοντά στην περιοχή Crieff, Scotland (United Kingdom)

currochs path==Currochs Walk
Currochs Walk is a good circular 8km walk in Crieff taking the walker through MacRosty Park over to and past Glenturret Distillery and up to Laggan Hill. This walk route includes Lovers Walk and a walk through MacRosty Park.

Distance = 8km, Ascent = 190 metres, Time Taken = 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Start from the fountain in James Square Crieff, walking down West High Street, turning right into Comrie Street and taking the next left descending the slightly downhill Milnab Street, to MacRosty Park car park. (You can quite easily drive down to MacRosty Park where there is good ample car parking available.)

Walk into MacRosty Park heading over to the path which runs alongside Turret Burn. MacRosty Park in Crieff consists of an amalgamation of four parks. Mungall Park, Taylor Park, Recreation Park and MacRosty Park collectively known as MacRosty Park. The park is home to a fine collection of trees including Douglas Fir, Spruce, Pine, Cedar and Oak. Take your time to look around and peer into the depths of Turret Burn to see how much wildlife you can spot.

Follow the path crossing the burn by the two wooden bridges if you like but remember to return to this side before you come to the weir. The good path turns back on itself and you are presented by yet another wooden bridge. Cross the bridge turning right for 50 metres or so then turn sharply left and climb concrete steps turning left at the top and onwards to the wooden staircase. Continue on the path as it descends and climbs slightly to a gated entrance to the road. There is a steel bench here where you can have a rest if you like.

Pass through the gate and turn left onto the pavement running alongside the A85 which is the main road through Crieff. Take good care here because this is a busy road. Continue downhill as the road bends sharply then on for another 50 metres to reach a bridge over the Turret Burn. Without crossing the bridge, carefully cross the road and enter Lovers Walk, a small pathway running alongside the river. There is a signpost here indicating the route. This is a delightful walk which climbs and descends and meanders alongside the Turret Burn.

Enjoy the woodland scenery and listen to the burn as it cascades its way over the rocky undulating river bed. Look out for squirrels along the way and listen for birds amongst the trees. There is a wooden bench where you can rest along the way should you choose. After approximately 800 metres you will reach a fork in the track. Again there is a signpost here indicating the route so take the left track for Glenturret Distillery. This track descends and turns back on itself to arrive at a rather splendid bridge leading to Crieff’s Glenturret Distillery which is the home of The Famous Grouse Experience. Continue through the car park arriving at the main road.

Turn right onto the tarmac road and walk for approximately 80 metres passing the distillery storage hangers along the way. At the end of the storage hangers turn left through a black gated driveway. (The gates are normally open). Continue on the uphill path for 100 metres to arrive at a kissing gate on the left. Pass through the kissing gate into a field and stay on the obvious path that gently climbs as it skirts the edge of the field.

There are good views to be had in all directions at this point. Continue on the obvious path as it descends slightly to another kissing gate. Pass through the gate and turn right following the path. There is a steep drop to the left dropping down to the road so care must be taken if you have animals or small children in your party. Now continue in your direction of travel going through a small wood and down to a small car park just of the main Crieff to Comrie road.

Now carefully cross the busy Crieff to Comrie road and enter Turretbank Road. After 50 metres or so take a track on the right sign posted Footpath/Laggan Hill. After about 30 metres yet another kissing gate appears on the left which the walker now passes through and follows the faint path heading to the left and slightly uphill. The path turns gently to the right in an arc and then runs adjacent to the field fence line. After a short time you arrive at a steel gate. Continue past the steel gate and after a further 50 metres or so you arrive at yet another kissing gate. Pass through the gate turning right and walk down towards the farm. Take the next track on the left and follow this track for approximately 1km all the way to Laggan Hill. (There is a steel gate to pass through along the way)

Remember to keep looking into the fields to the left and right for any signs or roe deer, rabbits and if you’re lucky a lone fox looking for his dinner.

The track eventually joins the Laggan Hill bypass track whereupon a left fork is taken and after a further 20 metres another left fork is followed. The walker is now on the descent from Laggan Hill and will be pleased to know that all the hard uphill walking is over (apart from the walk up Crieff’s Milnab Street of course).

Now it’s simply a walk down past the wooden hut, passed the cottages and turning left at the crossroads rejoining Laggan Road. Continue to the end of Laggan Road turning right past MacRosty Park and head up Milnab Street onto Comrie Street and back to James Square.

An excellent walk in Crieff’s beautiful countryside.


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