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κοντά στην περιοχή Strongylí, Ionian Islands (Greece)

Van in Strongili volgen we de gele markering van de Corfu Trail ruim 300m omhoog naar Komianata. Op het dorpspleintje gaan we rechtsaf over de smalle paadjes langs de hellingen van Mount Stavros naar het mooi gelegen kloostertje Moni Pantokratoras. Wandeling 18 uit "Wandelen op Corfu" op 08/06/2011.

From Strongili we follow the yellow markings of the Corfu Trail to Komianata. On the village square, we turn right on the narrow path along the slopes of Mount Stavros to reach the beautifully situated monastery Moni Pantokratoras.
χώρος στάθμευσης

01 Path

Start at Bridge ande 2 paths

02 Y-crossing


03 Village square

Mini-pleintje met boom

04 Monastery

Onbewoond klooster - Abandoned but maintained monastary


Path into Kamianata

Kerkyra view

Kerkyra view from mount Stavros


Moni Pantokratoras with Agios Matheos in de background

Olive orchard

Olive orchard


Nice taverna on the way back from the monastary

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  • Φωτογραφίες CorfuFreak

    CorfuFreak 22 Απρ 2016

    Did you visite the caves near Kornata and the three caves near Komianata with this trip?

  • Φωτογραφίες LucT

    LucT 22 Απρ 2016

    We were told that are several caves near the village of Komianata, on the trail to the Pantokratoros church. They were used by villagers for storing goods and as shelters for pirates and during the 2nd World War. Three of these caves are located at about the 3km point on our track, about 300m out of the village. I am not aware of (or don't remember) caves near Kornata. Unfortunately we did not visit any caves on this trail as we were a bit short on time, due to other plans later on that day.

  • Φωτογραφίες CorfuFreak

    CorfuFreak 23 Απρ 2016

    Thats a pitty! Nobody has published something about the caves and I cant find anybody who know the caves exactly. Near Kornata there are 2 caves: Cave Kathosti with 2 entrances and above Kameni Grava. This cave is only reachable by climbing (only for professionals!!!). Looking on my and your map you almost passed them, Unfortunately I can upload the map here to show you. The caves near Komianata are Revithia, Tziveri and third has no name. I think I will drive Corfu town towards Lefkimi- Strongili-Kornata and have some look around, if not I will drive to Stavros and Komianata and walk from there. There is written that the 3 caves are 300 meters after the village Komianata. Is the way to drive flat or steep with a lot of spinturns?

  • Φωτογραφίες LucT

    LucT 24 Απρ 2016

    I was not aware of the caves near Kornata and so it is no surprise that we didn't saw them, even if they where close to our hike. Anyway the trail is several hundred meters away from Kornata and we followed a rather rough footpath through a rocky scenery with lush vegetation and olive groves, so it can be virtually impossible to see caves some 100m lower or higher on the slope, even if you know they are there.

    I have added two more pictures to this track, taken in the vicinity of the caves near Komianata. These pictures illustrate the location of the caves and the condition of the path (as it was in 2011).
    - First picture is just outside the village (at 39°31'43"N 19°54'25"E). As you can see this is a trail, not a road you can drive on with a car. So you will have to walk from Komianata to the caves.
    - Second picture is a bit further on the trail (39°31'38"N 19°54'26.5"E) in the immediate vicinity of the three caves. The small trail to the left should lead to the caves (we didn't go there, we walked straight on to Moni Pantokratoras.

    Driving from Lefkimi to Strongili (Στρογγυλή) was no problem at all. We used an ordinary compact rental car, no four-wheel drive. It is a tarmac road in quite good condition allthough sometimes a bit narrow. There are some spinturns but not much and not excessively steep, so nothing to worry about. But don't underestimate the time needed: I guess Lefkimmi-Strongili could even be a 1 hour drive. If I remember well, the road from Mnt. Stavros to Komianata was in 2011 a dirt track with holes and bumps, more suited for a four-wheel drive vehicle (we didn't drive but walked on it). To get from the village of Kornata to Komianata by car I would prefer the good tarmac "Eparchiaki Odos Pontis-Messogis" road via Loukata (Λουκάτα).

    Unfortunately I am not sufficiently informed about caves to help you more and and good detailed topographic maps of Corfu are very hard to find, if they exist at all... (I didn't find them). But I noticed the Belvedere Hotel (http://www.belvedere-corfu.gr/trails.php) has information on a few hikes close to the caves. Maybe you can mail them (info@belvedere-corfu.gr) to get some information or even the exact location of the caves, for example by pinpointing the caves on Google Earth and sending you the coordinates? Do not be timid to ask locals for information: we remember the people of Corfu as very helpfull and friendly.

    Good luck! Have fun over there, but be careful!

  • Φωτογραφίες CorfuFreak

    CorfuFreak 24 Απρ 2016

    Thanks for your respond. I planed to drive by Loukata. I dont use GPS and will drive towards Komianata. Is the track easy to find from the village without GPS?

  • Φωτογραφίες LucT

    LucT 25 Απρ 2016

    We had a nice break on the Komianata village square, which helps my memory (-:
    It is a very small village. The narrow concrete road from Loukata leads directly to the village square, but you cannot drive that far: a few tens of meters before the square it becomes too narrow for a car. Just before that point is some kind of busstop shelter and there is enough room to park and turn around your car.
    The village square is only a few tens of square meters large, with a few old plastic chairs in the shade of a small tree. There were no real streets, only a few alleys with stairs. If I remember well, at the time there even was a weathered wooden signpost on a wall, pointing to the Pantokratoras Monastery (Μονή Παντοκράτορος). But anyway, in a village that small you really cannot get lost and you do not lose much time if you should go into a dead end.
    The alley going down southwest is the trail to Strongili, don't go that way. Walk up the square in southeasterly direction, to the right along an elevation and to the right around a white house. This narrow alley, partly with stairs, becomes a gravel track and runs along a fence. A few hundred meters further on along the slope is the narrow path to the left leading to the caves.

  • Φωτογραφίες CorfuFreak

    CorfuFreak 25 Απρ 2016

    Thanks! Sounds not too difficult. After all this research I need to see those caves ;-)
    To prefend going wrong, if I see the weathered wooden signpost on a wall, pointing to the Pantokratoras Monastery,do I need to take this way or is that the wrong way?

  • Φωτογραφίες LucT

    LucT 25 Απρ 2016

    Yes, if the signpost is still there, follow it. It really is easy, even without the signpost on the village square: one paved alley is the road to Loukata, one paved alley descend (stairs) downhill to Strongili and the third alley leads to the caves and further on to Moni Pantokratoras. All other alleys in the village were very short dead ends.

  • daanbr1 30 Απρ 2018

    Dafnata has a great tarvern called kostas, its also a ‘walkers point’

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