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κοντά στην περιοχή Puerto Navarino, Magallanes (Chile)

Beautiful diversified trail from coast to coast through wood, peat, gras, lake and mountain areas. Following the old marks as far as possible.

- there is unfortunately no public transport to Puente Lum und little private traffic. You can go by hitch-hiking or take a lift with Ushuaia Booting.
- starting at Wulaia is firstime a wood section (hito 15 to 14) with one spot of maximal distruction by storm. Among hito 14 an hito 3 ist mainly a open terrain and hiking is more easy.

some remarks:
- from Wulaia is it possible to do it in one day, if the weather is fine.
- some cairns and bars are far apart and invisible under bad weather conditions, so GPS, a map and compass can be very useful !
- it is recommendable to stay on the way.
- go with proper gear and knowledge to use it.
- be aware of the risk that in case of trouble nobody will or can help you.
- under "Cabo de Hornos, Walaia – Ruta Patrimonial Nº16" you can find in the WWW a good description (68 pages) of the track from the "Ministerio de Bienes Nacionale". But note: all named GPS-coordinates are wrong. Even with transformation from datum PSAD56 or SA69 to WSG84. The named datum "P. South America 69" is not existing.
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