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When you arrive at Park, there is a 2 Euro entrance fee. Only a few steps from there, you have a viewing point for falls #1 & #2... so if you opt not to hike, you see the classic post card photo.
From there... there is a boardwalk with many steps going down... but... well spaced so not very tiring. (Bad knees might not like this one, but other than the steps, it is VERY EASY.) This takes you to Falls #2. You cannot go to the pool as it is no longer permitted. This walk takes about 20-30min. From there... the option is to go to Falls #1 and #3. We went to #1 as it was not clear if the path to #3 was open.
The hike to #1 is very different. It is between MODERATE and DIFFICULT... and is a rock scramble for a bit, then back on to a boardwalk path for quite a while. Afterward, it is back to a natural path, and a bit rougher.
A bit before you reach the river... if you look back you can actually see the Fall #1. Many miss this view because they forget to look back!
The trail goes up, then down, back up, then down to the falls.
In the coarse of it all, you reach a river crossing which is not difficult if the water level is not too high.
From this point on, the hiking gets a bit tougher in that it is more of a rock scramble, and the most difficult portion of the hike. (But, it really is not that difficult! You just have to go slow and be careful!)
You do walk through areas that are a natural stream... but... so be prepared for water and mud!
The park had done a marvelous job scoring the rocks and bits of wood to decrease the "slippery" factor.
We found it a bit slipper on the return v.s. heading out possibly due to the amount of hiking traffic and mud build-up on rocks.
This would be a DIFFICULT hike if conditions were rainy... only because of it being slippery.
We were warned not to do this hike as it was very difficult. That was not the case, and we thought it was a lovely hike!!! AND, the falls were magnificent!!! There is a rocky area where you can sit and rest, take photographs before heading back along the same path you from which you came.


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