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  • Φωτογραφίες Chapotami Canyon
  • Φωτογραφίες Chapotami Canyon
  • Φωτογραφίες Chapotami Canyon
  • Φωτογραφίες Chapotami Canyon
  • Φωτογραφίες Chapotami Canyon
  • Φωτογραφίες Chapotami Canyon

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Uploaded 2 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Recorded Ιανουαρίου 2015

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κοντά στην περιοχή Káto Archimandríta, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

Chapotami Canyon

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  • Clare52 24 Φεβ 2015

    This is a lovely area, recommended and described in both the Sunflower Cyprus and the Rother Walking Guide.
    We started it on the 22nd February 2015.
    The Rother walking guide states that is passable even in the time we had crossed 3 deep fords, having taken off our shoes, then given up and started going through the water with shoes/boots on...we than came to the place where you have to walk in the river bed for some distance.
    Seeing ahead some 100s of metres of walking up to our knees in water, we gave up. (The force of the water was a bit unbalancing, too.)
    There had, admittedly, been an unusual amount of rain lately but it is worth bearing in mind if you want to do the lower part of the walk in 'winter'.
    It was, however, really worth it for the flowers. The fields of anemones were fantastic: much recommended.

  • Clare52 24 Φεβ 2015

    Oh, incidentally, it is possible to drive down to Kato Anchimandrita (concrete road) if you want to start walking from there.

  • Clare52 12 Μαρ 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Actually, we only did part of the trail.
    This route is in the Rother Walking Guide and the Sunflower Guide. The former says it is passable even in winter but, after rain in late February 2015, three deep fords and an apparent wade along at least 100m (maybe more as we couldn't see round the corner) in the middle of the knee-high river we gave up. A few days later we found ourselves walking along the middle of a similar river, so maybe we gave up too early. However, bear in mind that you might find it tricky after heavy rain. Nevertheless, the display of anemones along the way was fantastic and well worth the attempt at the route. We will be going back to try it again when it is a bit dryer as it promises very well, in a beautiful valley. You can drive all the way down the concrete road to Kato Archimandrita to start, if you want, and find a parking spot down before the buildings at the bottom.

  • Clare52 28 Μαρ 2016

    Having tried again on exactly the same February date in 2016 - not a sign of the river.
    Totally dry, so easy to get round. This time we started from Alektora - but the circle is the same.
    Anemones still beautiful.

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