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κοντά στην περιοχή Trombatore, Sicilia (Italia)

We have first visited the burial site in Cava d'Ispica and then walked in the valley.

As the burial site is fenced, to continue your walk in the valley you need to exit the site through the entrance, cross the main road, go in the direction of the parking but before you reach it you have to turn left to walk under the main road on the bed of the stream.

The trail in the valley is not signposted so at times we had to look for the way: at places where the bed of the stream was overgrown with bushes we crossed fences of the bordering fields or orchards in the valley (if you are attentive you can find "gates" in the fences that you are of course supposed to close behind you).

You need comfortable shoes to walk in the valley. You walk through fields and orchards where for instance walnuts or pomegranates are grown.

Grotta della Larderia


Il Ginnasio


Rifugio Pernamazzoni

Καταφύγιο (χώρος)

Rifugio Scirocco


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