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κοντά στην περιοχή Thrakomakedónes, Attica (Greece)

All didn't go well today. Tried to walk on some new paths and lost them. Ended up back tracking to the cable car car park and walking up to the casino (which was a little steep for my liking). I guess you have to try these things! May go a tried and tested route next time.

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  • Φωτογραφίες GEOBAT

    GEOBAT 22 Απρ 2018

    Hey there.
    The 1st lost path is the Αghia Triada (Holly Trinity) ravine and leads to a similar named church. But from that point u lost it, its completely burned and pretty much pointless to go on. Now i'm impressed, cause after all this wandering around, u ended up hiking the steepest path, of Parnitha. In greek its called σκαλάκια (steps of a little stair) and climbs 600 mt in less than 2 km. You should get a map www.anavasi.gr/product.php?id=90&lang=gr.

    Also check this out if youre interesting in fire protection volunteering: edasa.gr

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