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κοντά στην περιοχή Undercliffe, New South Wales (Australia)

An overnight hike taking in a spectacular gorge. The hike requires several necessary swims, so a waterproof pack (or some reliable garbage bags) are needed. The entirety of this hike is offtrack, requiring rock hopping and some minimal rock climbing skills. Navigation is not an issue (just follow the gorge, then turn right at the river), however route finding around large boulders is often necessary. We performed this walk in the middle of summer on a 35 degree weekend and had no issues with heat within the gorge.

The hike begins at Undercliffe Falls and ends where Boonoo Boonoo River (pronounced 'Bunna Bunoo') intersects Harrigans Lane. As such, a car shuffle is required with a roughly 30 minute drive (along well graded dirt) between the points.

I have marked this track very difficult for two main reasons: some of the rock scrambles are quite challenging and a section of the gorge near a waterfall is very difficult (if you can't find the detour on the left that other hikers have recommended, as we didn't) and shouldn't be attempted without rope. The other reason being the distance covered rock hopping and swimming can definitely add up and cause exhaustion.

Day 1 began at roughly 7:30 am, departing down the steep ridgeline down to Undercliffe Falls, following the gorge for an hour or so before reaching your first necessary swim. There are a number of large gorges and swimming holes between here and the nights stop. We arrived at Campsite 1 around 5:00 pm (taking a slow, steady pace). A small clearing that should fit three tents easily positioned a few metres above water level, with a nice swimming spot adjacent. If you are confident at rock hopping this should be easily achievable.

Day 2 commenced around 6:00 am leaving the fantastic campsite to exit the gorge hopefully before it got too hot on the river (we failed pretty terribly at that). There are two more necessary swims today along with a number of rock scrambles to skirt large waterholes. The gorge starts to open up after a couple of hours and signs of cattle start appearing. Clearings begin appearing, which form 'Campsite 2' option.

This area presents presents several open grassy flats that may need to be shared with cattle, the water is not worth swimming at this point, however there is much more room for tents. Keeping to the right hand side of the gorge will guarantee you hit a nicely bulldozed fire trail (which will be a welcome change after the lantana pushing you've been enduring all morning) before turning right along the river.

Finally, follow the Boonoo Boonoo River out for 7 kilometres to reach the car. A detour of the last gorge was taken to cut out some distance. This is a very open and exposed river in summer and the heat definitely affected some of our party members a lot, so I would recommend leaving as early as possible on the second day.

Thanks to Shatkins and Marklav for their provided tracks and the idea for this walk in the first place, I would definitely recommend this as a summer hike if you're up for a challenge.

First (of many) necessary swimming spots

Just dive in, don't hesitate... the waters great!

Steep Gorge Section

A steep gorge section. There is a detour to the left on approaching (which I would 100% recommend taking), we opted to climb down beside the waterfall.

Campsite 1 (up to three tents)

An open clearing a few metres above the creek with a nice swimming hole.

Gorge Opens Up (Campsite 2)


Detour (follow fence)


    You can or this trail