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I convinced my friends Brian and Chuck that a trip to Big Frog Mountain would be a grand adventure. I laid out a trek across the Big Frog Wilderness. I thought since we were so close I would take them to see Jacks River Falls also. So the trek grew.....

We launched out of Hattiesburg, MS at 04:00 on Friday morning. With complaints of the early hour we rolled north. With anticipation rising we made our last road stop at Angela's Homestyle Cooking for ribs. Arrival at the Big Frog Trailhead was a relief after the 450 mile journey. We jump off on the trail around 14:00. With eight miles ahead of us we set off at a good clip. With plans to camp at Grassy Gap we took a left off of Big Frog Trail onto Grassy Gap Trail. GGT runs the contour of Peavine Ridge and along the base of Big Frog Mountain. I had explained that we would gather water at the west fork of Peter Camp Branch before pitching camp at Grassy Gap. I must have painted a really big word picture. The trickle in the branch and small patch of grass at the trail junction did not meet their expectations. I think they were looking for something from the Sound of Music. When we arrived at Grassy Gap we found two young guys up a tree. With big eyes they questioned us with "Did you see the bear?" Coaxing them down and sending them on their way took a few minutes, then we settled down for the night.

Lounged in my hammock the next morning until I could see the ground. When I finally rolled out to make the coffee the complaints were loud and long, coffee was late, Grassy Gap too small, water source was insufficient, and other such nonsense. Packed up we headed over Chestnut Mountain to on Hemp Top Trail to the TH. Swung around the road to the Beach Bottom Trail and on down to the Jacks River. The side trip to the falls was awesome as usual. We headed up river and pitched camp at Lost Branch. The site chosen was a compact spot right next to the chuckling river. Brian and Chuck decided that I had redeemed myself after Grassy Gap with the falls and the pleasant campsite. I told them that they would likely retract the praise the next day heading up and over Big Frog the next day. This evening I tried out my new sleep pad (Static Luxe) with great success.

Coffee was on well before daylight. The glow of a successful previous day and a cup of coffee pushed back thoughts of the looming walk ahead. Big Frog Mountain was miles away and 2300 feet up. Packing our gear early we started up Penitentiary Branch Trail. This trail is no slouch for going up from the river. Three miles of up (1300 ft) bring us to the Blue Ridge. Up Blue Ridge and over Hemp Top brought us to Double Springs. We lunched and watered up for the big push up to the top of Big Frog. 800 ft. of up in a half mile tends to make your heart pound and your calves burn. Seeing Licklog Ridge Trail was relief untold for we knew that the big climb was nearly over. Topping out on Big Frog was a big accomplishment for the day but we still had a long way to go. With a lot of knee wrenching and toe pounding we rolled down Big Frog Trail to wrap up the day on West Fork Rough Creek 2200 feet below the peak of Big Frog. Extremely glad to climb into the hammock (hint of rain and have no tent) for the night. Thirteen miles of up and over the mountain make for some worn out old men.
Our final day brought heavy clouds and a light mist for the final two miles to the truck. Santa Fe Cattle Company loomed in our minds (burgers and ribs) as we headed back to Mississippi. Sore feet could not keep back the smiles of a successful hike.

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  • Drew Harper 8 Ιαν 2016

    Looks like a great loop idea! Where did you get the trail info from Big Frog Trailhead --> Grassy Gap --> Beech Bottom? Or did you just make that up as you went?

  • Φωτογραφίες Scoutmaster P

    Scoutmaster P 9 Ιαν 2016

    I used the National Geographic Trail Map #781 along with my GPS while on the trail. Planned the trip on Google Earth. I have put together most of the trails of Big Frog and Cohutta on GE and transfer them to my GPS.

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