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κοντά στην περιοχή Indian Gardens, Arizona (United States)

Nice hike with views up to the fire outlook.
Take Hwy 89A (Mile 383) to Bootlegger campground, park just after the campground on the right. (you are not allowed to park at the campground).
On the campground, go down the steps towards Oak Creek below.
Search for the crossing you like best. Some hopping over boulders may be required. Be careful not to fall.
On the other side look for the trail head sign, where the trail goes zig zag uphill. (steeply)

Reaching "I Ridge" the main climb is over. The trail may be harder to find from this point on. (Memorize the return point, it is difficult to it see on the way back.)
The trail goes left (south east), there may be cairns leading to the right, to a nice view point. Best to go there on your way back.
The trail goes uphill, a lot less steep, along a ridge.
At an old sign enjoy the view and go a bit more to the right.
Follow the more faint trail up to the fire lookout close by on a more level path.
When it is occupied (April - October) you are invited to go up and enjoy the view. (2 at a time)

Hiking time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes up to the fire lookout. 1 Hour 30 Minutes down.

We did this hike on a perfect (sunny) April day. Temperature in the high 50's and the sweat still dropping from my forehead. You don't want to do this hike, with almost no shade, on a hot day.

The trail is well maintained, but there may be some scrubs in the way. (not the prickly kind).

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Tower. Fire Lookout
Tower. Fire Lookout. When occupied you are invited to take a look 2 at a time. (April- October).
Xing Oak Creek. Don't get your feet wet crossing Oak Creek.
Trail Head. The start of the trail at the other side of Oak Creek.
Wilderness Boundary
Photo 2
Ridge. Most of the climbing ends here.
Tower. Fire lookout
Tower Up. Fire lookout, you are invited to go up, 2 at a time.
Xing Oak Creek
Trail Head
Wilderness Boundary
Photo 2


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