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κοντά στην περιοχή Neo Chorio, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

A six hours trail from Aphrodite bath to Akamas peninsula, till the furthest west point on Cyprus - and back. Beautiful scenery, good paths, steap in the beginning - use good shoes. Bring enough food and water with you - you are in complete wilderness.
  • Φωτογραφίες Aphrodite meets Adonis oak tree
the old impressive oak tree invites you to take a break after the steap climbing - I think Aphrodite went downhill - she would not have bathed and met Adonis all sweaty again ;-)
  • Φωτογραφίες At the cape of Akamas
  • Φωτογραφίες At the cape of Akamas
The most western point of Akamas peninsula - easy to get there, well marked path, partially walking on E4 - watch out the hunters (Wednesday and Sunday) - though protected nature park, they shoot rabbits and birds, pick ups and loads of hunting dogs. Don*t get scared - and don*t let yourself guide away from the path - disturbing them is the best you can do.
  • Φωτογραφίες Shrine on the rocks
On the way back to the starting point a small shrine with holy paintings and good for a prayer with amazing view.
  • Φωτογραφίες Panoramic view
  • Φωτογραφίες Panoramic view
  • Φωτογραφίες Panoramic view
Don*t give up - some km to go. Good place for a rest on the bench. Enjoy the beautiful sight, silence and peace - in summer maybe also the sunset.
  • Φωτογραφίες Aphrodite Pool
Last stop at Aphrodite*s bathing pool - where Adonis used to wait for her - so no clue who was up there at the oak tree - only Aphrodite knows. Seems too cold for me right now - but beautiful with a little final walk through the botanical garden.

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  • Wim Janssen 20 Μαϊ 2017

    Beautiful route, but pretty long. After 5 kms along the coast, there are some (blue) lagoons you can descend into for a refreshing swim.
    And although it is of road, there`s plenty of 4x4`s and quads heading up and down the cost. Better avoid the busy weekends doing these hikes.

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