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κοντά στην περιοχή Ágios Ioánnis, Crete (Greece)

From Agios Ioannis to a viewpoint (Agios Ioannis-Kakos Poros trail). Nice trail without stepping on gravel for a change. Amazing views of the coast, sea and cliffs.

Then we went off trail following the cliff. It's easy to walk there, even though there's no really visible trail for most of it. The views are superb.

Then we met the Agios Ioannis-Agios Pavlos trail that goes from Agios Ioannis to the sea and Agia Roumeli, etc. We didn't follow it too far. We went direction the sea and down until we were at about an altitude of 400 m. Then we went back up and followed this trail to Agios Ioannis. This trail is beautiful. It starts the descent nice, but then it meets an old avalanche area and from there on its walking on loose gravel. It isn't difficult, but our feet were really tired of gravel after so many hiking days. We gave up going all the way down and turned back up at the point where there's the standing hollow bark of an old tree right in the middle of the trail.

The GPS overestimates the distance. I think it's like 8.5 km total distance (measured on a map).

I highly recommend this hike, mainly the part before the Agios Ioannis-Agios Pavlos trail. The views are stunning.


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