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κοντά στην περιοχή Ágios Márkos, Crete (Greece)

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  • zafiri14 6 Μαϊ 2014

    This area is really picturesque and Agio Farango is beautiful. I would definitely recommend a visit. Also, if you're a rock climber there are loads of great routes to climb in Agio Farango gorge - check out climbincrete.com .

    There are some farmers in the area that use dogs to guard gates (so the goats don't escape) but unfortunately the dogs are neglected, and given little to no food and water. The dogs are given little shelter - if they do get shelter it is often a old metal oil barrel that gets hot in the sun and realistically offers no shelter. Please take an extra bottle of water so that you can give it to the dogs if need be. Additionally, please take a photo and record the location of the dog, and then report it to the police (who have a duty to investigate). Anything else you can do, such as notifying local tavernas or hotels, would be good too. for more info google 'crete barrel dogs'.

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