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Located in Craig and a little bit of Roanoke County, the hike on Brush Mt. includes the Audie Murphy Monument, a tribute to the most decorated soldier of WWII, who died in a plane crash on the mountain in 1971. The hike starts with a 1,000 foot ascent of Brush Mountain through the Brush Mountain East Wilderness via a series of switchbacks. At 3.0 miles, reach the top of the mountain and the continue along the crest of the mountain along the edge of the wilderness boundary. At 3.8 miles, a short blue-blazed trail on left leads to the monument. Be sure to continue past the monument to reach an overlook with good views of the Craig Creek Valley (see photo). At 5.9 miles the trail starts a steep descent to Trout Creek and Route 620. Beautiful section of trail. Car drop required.

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