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Σύνολο σημείων 1914

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κοντά στην περιοχή Liri, Shkodër (Albania)

Fascinating, though not necessarilly beautiful (in the traditional sense) city walk (31p, 10,61km, 108m(+), 121m(-) & 2,8%/8%(+) according to IBP), starting from and ending at Rozafa castle. It is, in a way, a walk through both time and varying levels of wealth, the ranges being the past 50-100 years on the one side and genuine poverty (favela-type) to extreme wealth (we even saw a brand-new Bentley and countless expensive BMW's and Mercedeses) on the other side. Societally it reminded us of our years in Brazil and Mexico and specifically their larger cities, with the significant difference that in Shkodër we felt perfectly safe and at ease at all times. If you want to really experience Albanese city and street life, I can recommend this walk. If you're just looking for a "nice" walk, don't pick this one. Following the walk, you may want to pay a visit to Rozafa castle, which looks out over the city of Shkodër from the southwest.

* = regular hike; ** = nice hike; *** = beautiful hike;
**** = very beautiful hike; ***** = exceptionally beautiful hike (unique)

0-25 IBP = very easy hike; 26-50 IBP = easy hike;
51-75 IBP = moderately difficult hike; 76-100 IBP = difficult hike;
>100 IBP = very difficult hike (all for someone in average/good shape)

Source of the photos: M. Buter


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