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κοντά στην περιοχή Tóriza (Greece)

ΤΑΫΓΕΤΟΣ με ΕΠΟΣ Φυλης 20-21 Νοεμβριου 2010
Καταφυγιο ΕΟΣ Σπαρτης στη Βαρβαρα 1550μ - προφ. Ηλιας 2407μ - Πορτες - Διασελο Χαλασμενου - Ριντομο - Παναγια Καψοδεματουσα - ρεμα Ριντομου - Πηγαδια - ρεμα Αβουρου - Γεφυρα Τουμπια

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2 αξιολογήσεις

  • avichi.frommer 11 Απρ 2016

    hi my name is avichai and i would like to do this hike can give me some more info like where can you sleep and if it is a marked trail? https://el.wikiloc.com/outdoor-diadromes/2010-11-2021-taugetos-proph-elias-pharaggi-rintomou-taygetos-1320127#wp-1320135/photo-430538

  • Φωτογραφίες igavio

    igavio 12 Απρ 2016

    You need 2 days. It is not a marked trail. You need a map. There is no inhabited place during the trail, so you need to carry food. Water will be available from the Rintomo river, but you should drink from selected springs only.

    You may sleep wherever you feel like. We chose to sleep near Kapsodematousa church because it is near the water and its halfway along the trail.

    I have marked it "Difficult", so take care...

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