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κοντά στην περιοχή Aínsa, Aragón (España)

A short walk, however with fantastic views over the river Cinca. Take boots with you
We start our short walk down town Ainsa on the parking just before the bridge over the river Cinca. In fact we have two rivers here, namely River Ara and river Cinca.It is is evident that Ainsa was an important fortress of which the remains can be visited during this walk.
Walk along the shops and take at the Avenida de Ordesa the stairs to the right.
After some some zig-zagging you will enter the old city of Ainsa with its views and its church Santa Maria. Enjoy here.
We pass the parking place for the lazy ones and head for the Mirador de Cinca. From here a small path has to be followed. This path turns west and will fit to Camina Racanos. This Camino will lead you to the Cubierta Cruz which stands in a small dome. Again, look around you and enjoy the views.
We return to the old fortress and the old squares of Ainsa. From here we descend for the same the stairs back to downtown Ainsa..

B01 Mainstreet Down Town


B02 Old Ainsa


B03 Mirador in Ainsa

Sacred architecture

B03X Santa Maria


B03Y Another Mirador


B04Mirador de Cinca


B05 Point of return


B06 The Cross


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