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κοντά στην περιοχή Nant Gwynant, Wales (United Kingdom)

Interesting circular trip around the Snowdon trying to walk different paths and going up as much as possible. The beging was along the Watkin Path but the last section to reach the summit was the most direct and steeper way from the Bwich Y Seathan with an easy climb.
From the summit, the crowded path till the col and then I went down through the Ranger Path to the Station and Road where, thanks a friendly driver, I was able to continue my hiking from Rhyd-Ddu in order to try this last up.
I walked most of it but when I was arriving to the Bwich Main after crossing the nice Llechog, I took the south ridge to Bwich-Cwm Llan and from there I went down to the valley and the parking again.
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